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All fishing charters include complimentary use of Sage and Loomis Rods, Tibor and Shimano Reels, Sci. Angler & RIO fly lines, Seaguar Flourocarbon leaders & tippets, hand tied flies and lures and all terminal tackle, an iced down cooler with bottled water and your fishing licenses (1-2 anglers per charter, if more anglers please advise).

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Let's Go Fishing!EMail

Greg Persbacker with a Giant 170 pound Tarpon caught with Capt. Dexter Simmons aboard "FlatsMaster"!

Big Bonefish are prowling the backcountry flats...This beauty was caught and released just after breakfast!

Permit are available year 'round on the flats and in the channels.

David Wipf with a Tarpon taken near Key West!

Guided Saltwater Flats Fishing with Fly Rods and Light Tackle
Florida Keys, Key West, Marquesas, Bahamas, Caribbean
The very best guides, fishing more flats than you can imagine!
Capt. Dexter Simmons aboard "FlatsMaster"
EMailClick here for Charter Reservations or leave E-Mail with Capt. Dexter. Charter Reservation Link and E-Mail (
PhonePHONE/FAX: 305-745-3304 + HOT LINE: 305-304-5880

Dear Angler,
Welcome! As a service to all of our friends in saltwater flats fishing, we have created this web page as an invitation for you and your friends to visit the fabulous Florida Keys, Key West and the Marquesas or the Bahamas and Caribbean for some world class flats angling.

The rumors are true, the Florida Keys have an ever-increasing population of big-bonefish, permit (the great pompano), and giant silver-king tarpon!
Jumping A Tarpon

Jumping A Silver King!

Tarpon runs begin in late January and continue migrating through the middle of July. Baby tarpon of salmon size to 30 and 40 pounders are resident to the channels and mangrove creeks year 'round. That means you can get shots at them whenever the conditions are right. When the migration of adult silver kings starts in January, there are tarpon in the 40 to 200 pound class through the middle of July!

Tarpon on a fly rod is the ultimate for most fly rodders and light tackle enthusiasts. Our main tools are 10, 11, or 12 weight SAGE fly rods rigged with TIBOR/BILLY PATE reels, with intermediate or floating lines, depending on the depth of the water. We also use SAGE and LOOMIS spinning rods with SHIMANO reels that can handle 250 yards or more of 15-20 pound test for light tackle.

Pound for Pound, Tarpon provide anglers with some of the most thrilling battles on the long rod or light tackle. Their sheer strength, running and jumping abilities, and power will test even the most experienced fisherperson. The world record tarpon (16 pound test) on fly rod (188 pounds) took over 8 hours to land! By contrast, the 100 pounder that Capt. Dexter is holding in the photo at the top of this page took only 25 minutes to catch and release. The photo below shows the determination of a successful and lovely tarpon angler!

Alyson fighting a tarpon!

Alyson Fighting A Silver King!

Permit are schooling up in numbers that we've never seen before! If you want numerous great shots at these pranksters, try visiting in the Winter-Spring or Fall (Feb., March, early April; Sept., Oct, early Nov.). Permit will show every month of the year, with water temperatures in the 70-88 degree range. Like all flats fish, Permit do not like severe changes in water temp. Our Permit run from 10 to 55 pounds and are the ultimate casting challenge!

Permit will test you fly rod skills and patience. They will take a fly when it is presented properly and accurately, if they are in the mood! Permit take live crabs like they are candy. Hookups with 20 pound or heavier Permit provide the angler with a twenty minute or longer fight. Using a 9 or 10 wt. fly rod or a spinning rod with 10 or 12 pound test, and keeping the slack out of your line when you cast and retrieve is the key to improving your hookup ratio with the Great Pompano. Catching and releasing Mr. Rubber Lips is a joy to all!

Two happy faces with a 30 pound Permit

Two happy faces with a 30 pound Permit

Bonefish of steelhead size are prevalent in the Florida Keys, Key West and the Marquesas. You will have opportunities at world record size bones in the 15 pound class, and many fish in the 8 to 11 pound range. We have made a point to refine fly and lure patterns and fish flats with little pressure, which results in more shots at happy fish and therefore more hookups. We will stalk the bones on the white sand and on the grass flats, often wading to get better shots. The best months are from March through early November.

Big Bonefish of the Keys are known for their explosive first runs, ripping off hundreds of yards of backing or line in a matter of seconds. On an 8 wt fly rod or a 6-10 pound test light tackle spinning rod, the big bones will take you by surprise on the initial hook-set, testing your angling skills right out of the blocks! If the angler sets the hook too hard or lifts the rod too soon, the fish's power will break him off right away or the fly or lure will pull out of the bone's mouth too soon. The proper technique is to wait for the bone to come tight with the line before lifting the rod gradually , then let the fish run with the line cleared to the reel and the drag screaming. It is one of the best angling adrenalin rushes you'll ever have!

A 13 pound Monster!

Jim's first Bonefish - A 13 pound Monster! Caught and Released aboard FlatsMaster

Barracuda, Cobia, Sharks can be had during the winter months (December, January, February). Some exciting flats angling action are tied to these species. Barracuda are the Rodney Dangerfield of the flats, undeservedly so. Not only do they get little respect from anglers (probably because they are so pretty and they smell so good!), but they also are overlooked for their fighting power, jumping ability, and lightning fast runs. Once you get hooked on big 'cudas in the winter months, it is hard to pursue any other species. Like small (20-50 lbs) tarpon with teeth, they will test your tackle and angling abilities. Cobia in particular are great eating and is one of the three flats species (Florida Pompano and Mutton Snapper the others) that we will take for the table. Cobia arrive in the winter months and migrate through the flats until the end of March or early April. They cruise around in packs, often following sting rays. Cobia are often confused with sharks by their color and shape. Hookups on these 20 to 80 pound "lings" are frequent, as they are willing to take flies and lures in all depths. Like tuna, they will run to deep water when hooked, then sound on you until whipped. We use 10-12 pound light tackle rods and reels as well as 8-9 wt. (10 or 11 wt. for cobia) fly rods for these fish.

A toothy critter or a fifteen pound 'cuda!

A toothy critter or a fifteen pound 'Cuda!

Fly to Fish Endless Flats!

Fly to Fish Endless Flats!

Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Caribbean and beyond!

We are fortunate to have made some outstanding contacts with some great guides in remote locations providing outstanding bonefishing, permit fishing and sail fishing.

In the Bahamas, we fish "Bonefish Heaven" on Andros Island with Capt. Jolly Boy, who knows where all the bones dine out! We also fish the Abacos where O'Donald MacIntosh has it wired! Packages for these trips are affordable with air, ground, nice lodgings, and guided fishing. Most of the bonefish flats are wadeable, making the hunt for the bones that much more enjoyable. Call 305-745-3304 or click on the E-Mail hot-link for more info.

In the Caribbean, we fish the flats of Belize, Cuba, the Yucatan, and Honduras (Bay Keys). The big three (permit, bonefish and tarpon) are available in certain areas during certain times of year. Call 305-745-3304 or click on the E-Mail hot-link for more info. on packages for these trips that include nice lodgings, and guided fishing.

Costa Rica is another destination that provides some outstanding Billfishing on the west coast from Flamingo to Quepos.

More Information about Fly Fishing Paradise

TACKLE: We will provide top-quality rods, reels, lines leaders, tippets, and flies for every species of fish. SAGE RPLX 12 wt., 11 wt., 10 wt., 9 wt., 8 wt. fly rods with TIBOR/BILLY PATE reels are always rigged on the FlatsMaster for your enjoyment. Also we provide top quality light tackle rods and reels, lines and lures. Anglers wishing to bring their favorite rod, reel, line and flies are encouraged to do so.

Fly Graphic
FLIES/LURES: Many anglers tying or buying their own flies or lures want to know what to bring along. We supply flies and lures that work, yet if you like to bring your own, here are some tips.

BONEFISH: Brown, Tan, Dark Green in clousers, charlies, jigs for the grass flats. Also, "gotcha" pattern and white jigs work well on sand flats. All on #2 or #4

A Bonefish Fly ready to Cast!

A Bonefish Fly ready to Cast!

PERMIT: Del's Merkin crab fly, MOE epoxy crab on #1 or #2 and sand or brown jigs work well.

TARPON: Cockroach, Stu Apte Tarpon Fly, Palalo Worm Fly. All on 2/0 (Baby Tarpon - same fly on #2 or #4 and poppers work very well). Also, bagleys finger mullet mag, mirrolure 77m18 or 52m18, and windcheater plugs work well.

BARRACUDA: Most any 'cuda fly with bright green, orange or transluscent colors. Tube lures or spoons are killer.

COBIA: Del's Merkin Crab Fly or Tarpon whistler in bright orange and yellow 4/0. Tube lures work very well.

MUTTON SNAPPER: Bonefish, Permit or 'Cuda patterns and tube lures work well.

CLOTHING: Cotton or Supplex shirts and slacks or shorts. If you are sensitive to the sun, then plan to dress accordingly. A billed cap and polarized sunglasses are a must, as are wading boots or shoes (Dive booties with rubber soles are good). A sweatshirt may come in handy on occasion as might a rain slicker.

SUNDRIES: Sunscreen and lipstuff in spf 15 or higher if you are really sensitive to the sun.

CAMERA, FILM: A must for the memories. Digital or conventional with ASA 200 is best. (Waterproof protection preferred)

RATES, LEGAL TENDER: All of our rates are quoted in U.S. currency. Cash or travelers checks are preferred. Our Full Day Charters are $600 for a full day (8 hours), with a maximum of two anglers per skiff. The charter day is usually at least eight hours and sometimes longer. A Half Day (4 hours) Charter is $400, with a max of two anglers per skiff, and these are usually at least four hours and sometimes longer. A "Short Day" (6 hours) is $500, with a max of two anglers per skiff. If you need to squeeze three anglers onto a skiff, then there is a $50 sur charge per charter. We will ask for a $100 deposit per skiff/per day to confirm your charter. All charters include tackle, flys, lures, etc, and soft drinks in an iced down cooler. Lunch is extra, and can be arranged in advance. Key West has some excellent restaurants and shops that you may want to visit.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We have some excellent Inns and Guesthouses in Key West at reasonable rates. Please call 305-304-5880 for more information.

TRANSPORTATION: Key West Int. Airport has daily flights from all points. Car rentals are readily available, as are taxis.

PhonePHONE/FAX: 305-745-3304 + HOT LINE: 305-304-5880

Call today for further information. I will be happy to provide whatever you and your friends need. If you get an answering machine, don't worry, I'm probably out fishing and will return your call ASAP.

Capt. Dexter Simmons aboard "FlatsMaster"
MailCharter Reservation Link & E-Mail ( Click here for Charter Reservations or leave E-Mail with Capt. Dexter

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